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Earthing – What is it? And What are the Benefits?

Earthing, what is it? Connecting to the earth is the easiest way to describe earthing. Grounding ones self. One can connect with the earth by walking barefoot, laying on the ground or submerging/floating in water. As we connect with the

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Wellness Wednesday – Plank with Shoulder Taps

Seriously! You can do it! Getting bored with situps? Regular planks? Even tired of watching the side plank video with my dog in it? Well here is a new one for you. Keep your back level as if a glass of water

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Nathalia Talks Pelvic Health With Amy

Nathalia and I had a great time being on each other’s platforms to talk all things exercise and pelvic health. She has had 2 C-sections and so we talked about a lot of information around C-sections, pregnancy, delivery and healing

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – What is Float Therapy, with Martha Reed

Today we’re talking to Martha Reed about her True REST float spa therapy! REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy so we’re going to chat about that and find out why you might be interested in trying this out. I

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Intuitive Healing with Martha Reed

Welcome – in this episode we talk about the many hats that Martha wears to offer healing to her clients. Hypnosis, color therapy, counseling, and life coaching are all areas of expertise she uses to come alongside clients to offer

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Strong back, Soft front, Wild heart!

Strong back, soft front, wild heart.  This is absolutely one of my all time favorite Brene Brown quotes.  It’s from her book Power of Vulnerability and I love it so much, I want to make shirts, mugs, artwork – something!

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Dollars to Donuts

Many practitioners have made the transition to cash practices and patients are left wondering what is going on and why their insurance isn’t offering them what they apparently need. With rising copays and deductibles, it can often feel like you’re

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