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Broken Dams Lead to Breakthroughs

I needed that dam broken to have the breakthrough! I’ve done a lot of work on mindset lately. Life of an entrepreneur I guess. If you want to grow, (whatever growth means to you) then you have to learn how

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Wellness Wednesday – March Gladness Challenge

Welcome to our first ever MARCH GLADNESS Challenge! Gratitude can make all the difference in your mindset, so pick up some paper (or use this as an excuse to go buy a fabulous new journal), a pen and get started. The challenge is

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Wellness Wednesday – Let your light SHINE!

Do you even know where it went? Your light. Is it dim, bright, on fire? When was the last time you even checked in? Are you surrounded by those who throw water or gasoline on your fire? We all get off

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Comparison – friend or foe?

Comparison can be the thief of joy said Theodore Roosevelt. At this time of year we often do a lot of reflecting and planning and that can lead to healthy comparison as well as the judgmental kind that steals our joy.

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