Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – with Maria Mandarino

I love the Enneagram! It’s so fun Maria was such a fascinating guest. She is an amazing massage therapist who specialized in myofascial release for almost 20 years. She also became an acupuncturist, then a spiritual director. She has become

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Wellness Wednesday – Core Opposite Arm & Leg

Are you looking for a building block to get you to be able to perform a plank? Use this video to help re-strengthening your core and pelvic floor and work toward planks! This video will show you alternative positions and

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Jocelyn Interviews Amy

A Podcast So we pulled a switcheroo! Jocelyn is interviewing me for her podcast Real Talk with the Pelvic Docs (link is below). We had a great time and it was super fun for me to be on the other side

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Here with you – Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation: Let us guide you through a simple seated Gratitude meditation. During trying times it is wonderful to remind yourself of daily blessings of gratitude. To begin please find a comfortable place to sit. Sit in a chair, rested

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Wellness Wednesday – Theraband

Here are 2 more of the exercises you can do at home with your theraband. All you need is a little floor space and your band. Please call us at 623-226-4002 if you’d like us to send you a band.

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How Hormones can Impact the Pelvic Floor

How Hormones can Impact the Pelvic Floor by Courtney Giroux, LMT What is the Pelvic Floor? If we break it down; the pelvic floor is made up of muscles and ligaments that support and cradle the bladder, uterus or prostate,

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Dispelling Myths About Hypnotherapy, with Tina Sacchi

This week we get into what really is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We’re not going to make anyone cluck like chickens or dance around naked. We get into yet another way to bring healing, looking at mind, body, spirit and emotions.

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Wellness Wednesday – Theraband Leg Day!

Are you at home and wanting to find ways to get a little leg burn going? Supportive squats can help you go a little deeper working on getting back to working out or progressing your routine! Resisted walking with side,

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Here with you – Try this muscle softening activity!

Are you noticing added tension through our your body? Do you feel like you simply can’t relax? Try this technique to check in with your body, relax your muscles, softening into yourself. Progressive muscle relaxation can be done daily, or

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Earthing – What is it? And What are the Benefits?

Earthing, what is it? Connecting to the earth is the easiest way to describe earthing. Grounding ones self. One can connect with the earth by walking barefoot, laying on the ground or submerging/floating in water. As we connect with the

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Here with you – Lung Meditation

Hello all! I wanted to reach out and offer this as a chance to connect, strengthen our awareness and inner healing power. We all have so much light within us. Our breath is powerful and it’s imperative that we feel

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Featuring Molly Gildersleeve

So with our work, we talk about consent A LOT! Related to medical procedures and birthing, related to our work and what clients are comfortable with and more. But MAYBE, just MAYBE if we could continue to destroy rape culture and confusion

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Wellness Wednesday – Rebounding

Jiggling and self rebounding are rhythmic movements. These rhythmic motions will aid in breaking up the restrictions similar to how the ocean waves crash on sandy beaches, slowly breaking the sand away. Rebounding aids in the health of our immune

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Wellness Wednesday – What Are Dilators and How Can They Help?

Vaginal Dilators. What are they? How can they help? Maybe you’ve seen these before and wondered what in the world they were! Maybe you’ve heard of them but been skeptical to try them. Dilators can be very helpful with certain

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – BrainConnex with Kara Rice

Anytime I find out about a way to help out brains and neurological systems work better, I am automatically curious. Many moons ago, I used to work in pediatrics and so it’s extra precious to me. Kara sought out these

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What is Myofascial Release (MFR)?

“Myo… what??”, “What exactly are you doing?”, “I’m not sure what you did but it worked! We get lots of questions in the office about myofascial release, what it is, and what we do. Today we wanted to spend a

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Wellness Wednesday – Plank with Shoulder Taps

Seriously! You can do it! Getting bored with situps? Regular planks? Even tired of watching the side plankĀ video with my dogĀ in it? Well here is a new one for you. Keep your back level as if a glass of water

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Featuring Tracy of Modern Day Midwives

I had such a great time connecting with the staff at Estrella Women’s Center. Tracy is a midwife and created Modern Day Midwife to provide evidence based, supportive, and empowering care to those seeking preconception, prenatal, labor and birth care, as

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Wellness Wednesday – Sitting on the Ball

Tailbone pain Pelvic pain Hip pain Painful sex Leaking pee Back pain All of these might be caused by tight pelvic floor muscles. Using the ball can often help you keep progressing between sessions and bring down your pain, which

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Wellness Wednesday – Seated Pelvic Reset

Sometimes it can be difficult for some of us to get on and off the floor – pregnancy, the elderly, or maybe just leg day. It can also be difficult to reach our legs or apply enough pressure at different

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