Month: November 2020

3 Strategies to erase stress and tension this holiday season–all from your own home!

Want to soar through the holidays instead of just surviving? Want to decrease stress and tension without always having to work out or get a massage? Wish you had a healing superpower? This goes beyond “self-care” and mindset to give

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Featuring Walker Ladd

Post partum depression – stigma, motherhood, shame, medication, suicide – what other words come to mind for you? In this powerful episode, we talk about PPD, the risk factors, the shame and the amazing transformation, especially of the 25 women

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Wellness Wednesday – Prenatal Massage Set Up

Comfort during pregnancy is out top priority, and here in this video I wanted to show you just how I do that in Prenatal Massage. I have had some questions on how I do my pillow set up, and if

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Wellness Wednesday – Figure Four Stretch – with a twist

We have shown you the Figure Four stretch before, but wanted to give you guys a little extra variation of it to hit the hip area a little differently, and a little deeper if you are finding you need that!

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