Month: October 2020

Wellness Wednesday – Hip and Back opener

Hip and back opener! Are you feeling tension within your hips and back, like the rest of us. Try this stretch we are loving since learning in one of our Yin Yoga classes @azhealingspace, @momentoftruthpt. This stretch is useful to

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Wellness Wednesday – Marching

So we’re always talking about core and pelvic floor muscles right? But what the heck are we really targeting? I think many of us end up with more questions than answers. -How do I find them? -Am I doing this

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Wellness Wednesday – A Better Way For Your Butt

“Where The Mind Goes, The Body Flows”Have you ever wished or hoped for a toned bum, worked so hard on exercises that “guaranteed” strong glutes but then didn’t get results? Maybe it isn’t the exercise per se, it is how

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Wellness Wednesday – Seated stretches

Sitting for to long? … this mini series will help get the blood moving! Many of us are sitting for long hours working desk jobs, helping children with homework or just living a more stationary life style currently. We put

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Wellness Wednesday – Neck/shoulder stretch – with movement!

Tension is something that is effecting us all right now, maybe even tension headaches that get you right in the neck and shoulder areas. This stretch is great if you are holding a baby all day long, breastfeeding, sitting at

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Are you a Gladiator???

Happy birthday to me! So this was a birthday present to myself for the new office. Have I mentioned that I LOVE red? And I love powerful statements. In our former space, I had the famous quote from Marianne Williamson about letting

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