Month: April 2020

How Hormones can Impact the Pelvic Floor

How Hormones can Impact the Pelvic Floor by Courtney Giroux, LMT What is the Pelvic Floor? If we break it down; the pelvic floor is made up of muscles and ligaments that support and cradle the bladder, uterus or prostate,

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Dispelling Myths About Hypnotherapy, with Tina Sacchi

This week we get into what really is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We’re not going to make anyone cluck like chickens or dance around naked. We get into yet another way to bring healing, looking at mind, body, spirit and emotions.

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Wellness Wednesday – Theraband Leg Day!

Are you at home and wanting to find ways to get a little leg burn going? Supportive squats can help you go a little deeper working on getting back to working out or progressing your routine! Resisted walking with side,

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Here with you – Try this muscle softening activity!

Are you noticing added tension through our your body? Do you feel like you simply can’t relax? Try this technique to check in with your body, relax your muscles, softening into yourself. Progressive muscle relaxation can be done daily, or

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Earthing – What is it? And What are the Benefits?

Earthing, what is it? Connecting to the earth is the easiest way to describe earthing. Grounding ones self. One can connect with the earth by walking barefoot, laying on the ground or submerging/floating in water. As we connect with the

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Here with you – Lung Meditation

Hello all! I wanted to reach out and offer this as a chance to connect, strengthen our awareness and inner healing power. We all have so much light within us. Our breath is powerful and it’s imperative that we feel

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