Month: January 2020

Wellness Wednesday – Frog Stretch

It can be challenging finding different ways to help our hips stretch and relax to take the pressure off of our low backs. It is so important to find a position that you can hold and relax in that will

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Thriving Health, with Brandon Campbell

Nutrition, health, epigenetics – anyone else have NO CLUE where to start? Feel like there’s too much to know, too many changes needed? Too much deprivation, restrictions, rules – fill in the blank with whatever it is you dread. Brandon is like no

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Truth of the Moment – The Journey

The first Frozen movie came out in November 2013, right in the midst of my decision to stop doing home health and focus only on my own private practice, Moment of Truth Physical Therapy. That movie was so powerful for

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