Month: November 2019

Wellness Wednesday – Shoulder Openers

Have tightness in your neck? Get headaches? Ever wonder why you can’t fully resolve that tweaking pain in your shoulder? This stretch could HELP! It’s one that I personally have to do often. SO many of us get tight up between

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – What is Float Therapy, with Martha Reed

Today we’re talking to Martha Reed about her True REST float spa therapy! REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy so we’re going to chat about that and find out why you might be interested in trying this out. I

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Wellness Wednesday – Cat Cow

So we’re focusing on GRATITUDE this week. I, for one, am very grateful for this movement as it has lately been instrumental in working out tightness in my back. This was one of the first videos I made but it

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Video Testimonial – Back to the Gym and Back to Feeling like Yourself

We spend so much time preparing for our deliveries and for baby’s arrival. We pick out nursery colors and have a baby shower. Somehow that 40-ish weeks passes, baby arrives – AND THEN WHAT? Massive upheaval – to our bodies, to our

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Wellness Wednesday – Touched Out

Ever wonder why you find yourself recoiling when your toddler climbs up beside you on the couch, or even a hug from your husband feels annoying? This is a short clip from a talk I did on pelvic health and

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – More Than Massage with Courtney Giroux

This is a special episode with our very own Courtney Giroux. This woman brings so much heart to her work. She has lived through so much and has found her own resources for health and she brings all of that

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Wellness Wednesday – Wall Kicks

Wall Kicks If you are looking for a tool to increase your stomach strength with day to day activities, this exercise will help retrain your core acting as a building block for twisting, bending and reaching movements. arms reached out

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