Month: October 2019

Wellness Wednesday – Mindful Movement

Sometimes once we have baby, we are so excited to have more mobility now that a bowling ball isn’t there, that we may forget that baby may have pushed on those abdominal muscles for a long time and they may

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – MUTU with Ashley

What is MUTU? Kegels, core, diastasis – what are we supposed to do with all of this information anyway? Today, Ashley and Amy talk about their passion for helping women have much more confidence in their bodies after delivery or

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Video Testimonial – You CAN have a Pain Free Pregnancy

SO MANY WOMEN come in telling us that they have been told there’s nothing that can be done during their pregnancy because baby is just getting bigger. NOT TRUE. We never make any promises because your body is changing and Relaxin does

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Wellness Wednesday – Hum & Swallow

This technique is amazing at calming the nervous system, syncing the cranial nerves (which further calms the nervous system), the vibration can help expand releases throughout the body and we can use it to reveal other areas of restriction. So.

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Wellness Wednesday – Psoas Stretch

The Psoas is a very mighty and important muscle that often gets forgotten about. It gets used all the time when we are sitting, going up the stairs, bending over, it helps us even with breathing….we use it a lot!

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Intuitive Healing with Martha Reed

Welcome – in this episode we talk about the many hats that Martha wears to offer healing to her clients. Hypnosis, color therapy, counseling, and life coaching are all areas of expertise she uses to come alongside clients to offer

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Wellness Wednesday – Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch Sequence The majority of us could use help with our posture, computer work, driving, breastfeeding and caring little ones all pull on our posture. These stretches are meant to help relax your neck allowing for a looser and

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Wellness Wednesday – Figure 4 Stretch

This week we would like to share a new stretch to decrease hip and lower back pain. This stretch is to stretch the muscle that attaches at your sacrum to your hip bone, performing rotation at the hip. Figure 4

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