Month: September 2019

Wellness Wednesday – Doorway Pec Stretch

Do you struggle with pain and tension in between the shoulder blades, neck and shoulders? Sometimes we need to check in with how our posture is doing, and even though you may be stretching those areas, you may find that

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Buti Yoga with Allison

Do we really need ANOTHER type of yoga? I can tell you it’s a resounding YES! This episode will explain why and so much more. Are you looking for breakthrough? Wishing you could exercise and feel free at the same

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Wellness Wednesday – Upper Spinal Twist

Our upper backs can get tight from poor posture, lifting and carrying. This simple stretch can help ease tension allowing you to preform your daily tasks with less tightness.  Stretch Tips: lay on side, knees bent, arms stretched out in

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Journeys to Healing, Featuring Dr. Jen Givens

Connections coming to you from the northwest valley! Jen Givens from Ignite Family Chiropractic joins us to chat about our shared passion for helping mamas and babies feel healthy and whole! Episode Highlights: Journeys to healing Miscarriage, Adoption and Motherhood

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Wellness Wednesday – Filling & Emptying Breath

This month we are talking about awareness and nothing is better for awareness than breathing. This activity connects our breath to the pelvic floor and can also be used to enhance exercise and provide greater confidence during activities. Correct breathing

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Wellness Wednesday – Three Main Reasons People See A Pelvic PT

Pain (pelvic pain or painful sex) Leaking pee (incontinence) Prolapse – we talk about all the different kinds Diastasis (separation of the ab muscles) These are the most common reasons women come in for pelvic PT. We talk about all

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