Month: June 2019

Wellness Wednesday – Lunges

Some of my amazing clients are needing harder and harder activities to progress their strength at home. When there has been pelvic pain, shifting, what feels like instability or pubic symphysis pain, we avoid single leg asymmetric things like lunges.

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Wellness Wednesday – What you need to know about your pelvis

I’ve had the absolute joy of talking to 3 different groups of women these past few weeks and we’ve talked a lot about common versus normal, leaking, prolapse, sex and more. Are you pregnant and feeling like nothing can be

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Wellness Wednesday – Sidelying Rib Stretch

Follow me – Most people complain of neck or shoulder pain. But shoulder pain often comes from scapular tightness which often comes from tightness along the midback. Tightness in the midback often causes the neck to move too much and

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Video Testimonial – Regaining Confidence Postpartum

My favorite thing is to watch women regain their confidence, their sense of worth, that “IT” factor for feeling like themselves again. There is this moment when they realize they aren’t just mom, wife, daughter, sister, milk factory, snack maker,

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Wellness Wednesday – Your perineum

The perineum. What is it? Where is it? How does it relate to pelvic pain, childbirth and your activities? Pain with sitting, sex and exercise or even just general pelvic pain can at times be caused by the perineum. Watch

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – What is EMDR? And what does it have to do with Postpartum?

Counseling has so many approaches, theories and techniques and today we are focusing on EMDR. Jennifer and I share a passion for helping women be free from trauma, free from limiting beliefs, free to feel confident and empowered. We also

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