Month: April 2019

Wellness Wednesday – Inch Worm

Dynamic warmups! Let’s do this! Great combo of yoga and movement to loosen up the upper body and entire posterior chain (that’s fancy talk for the whole back of the body). Check it out below! So watching is boring. Go ahead,

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Wellness Wednesday – Nerve Glides for the Arms

Ever wonder if you have carpal tunnel or if something might be wrong with your neck? That can feel scary really quick because we often associate those thing with needing surgery. There are so many spots that nerves can get

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Wellness Wednesday – Standing Stretch for hip flexors, core and more!

I love this stretch because it’s easy to do anywhere. Your home, office, the airport – ANYWHERE! All you need is a steady chair or stool, be near a counter or wall and you’re ready to go. I like to take balance

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Brave Healing and Badassery, Laura Di Franco

This week on Bellies, Baby & Birth, Author and holistic physical therapist, Laura Di Franco joins Amy to talk about “Brave Healing and Badassery!” Episode Highlights: Many ways to healing Insights into the gift of awareness for healing Badassery at

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Wellness Wednesday – Side planks with the pup!

Can I just start by saying how awesome the outfit is of the woman in our heading picture? Anyway, on to the better fun of our amazing pup day. It was fun bringing Honey to the office and watching her guard

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