Month: December 2018

Wellness Wednesday : Core work – Grinch style!

Core! It’s everything right? Supposed to be tight? It’s our center, strength for our spine and more. Critical for good posture and connected to our pelvic floor. We need it to be strong and we need it now. It’s oh

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Wellness Wednesday – Child’s Pose

Ever wondered how to breathe better? or how to incorporate that into your exercise? Yoga at it’s best! I love the way yoga combines breath and movement so I often take specific movements and use them for specific pelvic issues my clients often deal

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Truth of the Moment – The Power of Words

The Power of Words by: Brittany Webster Pain: we’ve all had it, and have probably been told by a medical professional a reason for it. Reasons such as: a disc, a tight or weak muscle, alignment, or instability to name a

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Wellness Wednesday – Scorpion Stretch

Spinal mobility. That sounds good, right? I think I should probably have some of that. But what stretches help the most? Glad you asked. THIS is my FAVORITE stretch. Seriously. So much Bang. For. Your. Buck. If I only have time for one thing,

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Wellness Wednesday – Pregnancy Back Pain

So you’re pregnant! Congratulations mama! But suddenly your joy is cut short by nausea and vomiting, back pain and maybe even stabbing pain right in your . . . well you get the point. Some things are inevitable as the hormones change,

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