Month: October 2018

Wellness Wednesday: Finding the right Physical Therapist for you

  This week’s helpful tip is more about helping you find the right physical therapist for you. I feel that a big piece of my job is helping people feel confident in making choices for their healthcare. I also have

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Truth of the Moment – Beyond Breastfeeding

So the baby is born – the hard part is over right? Then this thing breastfeeding that we’re supposed to just figure out. Thank goodness for so many more lactation consultants being trained and recognized for the value they offer.

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Wellness Wednesday – Squats Level 2

  We all want to take things to the next level right? Well here is a progression from our previous squats known as sit-stands to now doing air squats to a target. This requires a bit more control, strength and

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Wellness Wednesday – Squats Level 1

Also known as Sit-to-stands, which will make sense as you watch the video! I think people hear “squats” as an exercise and imagine this – heavy weights, someone already strong, squatting deeply – you hopefully get my point. There is a

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2 dreaded words. Flu season. There is a lot of great info out there on boosting your immune system and whether or not to get your flu shot, but I’m talking today about what to do to protect your pelvic floor

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Wellness Wednesday – Adductor Sequence Level 2

Have you ever tried to stretch and felt like you just weren’t able to get to the right spot to make a lasting difference?   This week’s stretch should help because it has built-in variability to help you find exactly

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