Month: September 2018

Wellness Wednesday – Adductor Stretch

Our adductors are made up of 3 smaller muscles and 2 longer ones. Their function involves bringing the legs together and connect to the bones of the pelvis and pubic bone and can often present with similar symptoms to pelvic

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Wellness Wednesday – Cat cow

Did you know that yoga can help your pelvic floor? This week’s tip is a classic yoga move but with my input on how to maximize it to help open the pelvic floor. Check it out then scroll down for

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Balance versus rhythms

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as and actually heavily influences our physical health. This week, I want to talk about one aspect of this that has been a very valuable lesson for me to learn and

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Wellness Wednesday – Bridges

Needing CORE strength? stronger gluts? working on your BREATH? Bridges can help with all of this! This is often a part of home programs we give clients. It helps with so many different factors, and is a great starting point

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Strong back, Soft front, Wild heart!

Strong back, soft front, wild heart.  This is absolutely one of my all time favorite Brene Brown quotes.  It’s from her book Power of Vulnerability and I love it so much, I want to make shirts, mugs, artwork – something!

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