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Helping women thrive before, during and after pregnancy!

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Pelvic PT

What you need to know

Most women have no idea that there is a section of physical therapy devoted to pregnancy, postpartum and all things for women's health. 

This is sacred territory and your expectations should be high. We're here to answer your questions and more!

Postpartum Checklist

What do you need for optimal healing?

I am passionate about helping women trust themselves by having more information and resources to know their bodies, their babies and make their own informed decisions. This report explains when additional help may save them time, stress and money by getting the right care!  

Pain Free Pregnancy

6 Practical tips to decrease pain & tension

My favorite thing is helping women thrive throughout pregnancy and afterwards and I recently came across an extremely disturbing statistic that said that 93% of women do not feel confident that they have enough knowledge about their bodies to have a successful delivery and we're here to change that!

Lip & Tongue Ties

Beyond Breastfeeding

Feeling blindsided by breastfeeding issues? Confused from all the differing information out there? No idea how to find a team to help you when you're already tired and overwhelmed? We're here to help! 

Listen to one of our mamas tell you her story!

Back to Basics

Getting back to your workouts post baby

You've got that itch. You can't possible stay in the house One. More. Day. If you don't see your crew, pick up something heavy or sweat, you're going to lose it. But you know you don't feel like yourself and you don't want to cause any serious problems that would sideline you even longer. So now what?